7th PZAF / PALERMO27th - 29th June 2018

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An annual conference organised by and for postgraduate/graduate students and early-career professionals in the field of zooarchaeology.

The last (6th) PZAF was held in Toruń (Poland) in March 2017. The previous editions of the conference were held in Cardiff (UK), Paris (France), Sheffield (UK), London (UK), and Tarragona (Spain).

PZAF has been growing year after year and has now reached full international recognition, with delegates originating from all over Europe and beyond. For many students and early-career researchers, it represents their first experience of interaction, exchange of information and mutual learning with their counterparts from different countries.

PZAF provides the opportunity for students to be exposed to different reasearch traditions and approaches, and fosters accademic networking among the wider community of upcoming zooarchaeologist.

In October 2017 PZAF became an ICAZ (International Council for ArchaeoZoology) Affiliated Group

Extended Call for Abstracts!

If you are considering submitting a proposal related to zooarchaeology, now is the time.
We accept proposals for papers and posters on any topic related to zooarchaeology.

The program will be announced once the abstracts have been selected

The deadline for sending an abstract is extended until the 15st April 2018


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The program will be defined and uploaded once the abstracts will be selected

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Sicily and its capital city Palermo have been for centuries the focus of attention of neighbouring and distant powers, and have indeed been invaded more often than any other region in the Mediterranean. With time, these invasions fostered a unique mix of socio-cultural and economic interactions, as well as artistic and religious traditions. Palermo represented an unprecedented melting pot, which gave rise to the very rich and diverse Sicilian culture.

The efforts made by Palermo to preserve and valorise its cultural heritage were rewarded when the city was nominated Italian Capital of Culture 2018.

The PZAF conference means to contribute to this cultural renaissance of the city.



Airport of Palermo - Punta Raisi ‘Falcone Borsellino’, which is about 40 minutes by car or bus from the city centre.
airport - bus info

Two other airports can be used to reach Sicily and Palermo:

Airport of Trapani - Birgi ‘Vincenzo Florio’, which is about one hour and half by car or bus from Palermo
airport - bus info

Airport of Catania - Fontanarossa ‘Vincenzo Bellini’, which is about two hours and a half by train or bus from Palermo
airport - bus info

Regular lowcost flights ( Ryanair, Easyjet...) exist to and from these airports, and are usually affordable when booked in advance.



The palace was originally constructed between 1495 and 1501 by Guglielmo Ajutamicristo, a merchant and then Baron who built his fortune trading cereals and Sicilian cheese. One of the most luxurious residences in the city, it has hosted prominent members of the local aristocracy as well as foreign political figures such as the emperor Charles V.

In 2013 part of it was purchased and restructured by the Regione Siciliana, to become one of the headquarters of the Soprintendenza BB.CC.AA. of the Palermo Province. Regularly used for conferences, it has been kindly offered by the Soprintendenza of Beni Culturali of Palermo as the conference venue for PZAF 2018.



The PZAF conference lunches (included in the registration fee) are going to take place on the 27th and on the 28th of June 2018 at Osteria Ballarò.
If you have any allergies to specific food products, please specify them on the PZAF Registration. Vegetarian and vegan options will be available.


We established a special agreement for student accomodations (NOT included in the registration fees) with Hotel Concordia, which is located on the fourth floor of an elegant building near the venue of the conference.
Download the pdf with room prices and booking info.


Informal evening tours and one-day excursion

Since 2015, the Arab and Norman buildings and infrastructures of Palermo, Cefalù and Monreale have been UNESCO World Heritage sites.
The important Arab and Norman sites scattered throughout Palermo represent major attractions and they will be part of informal evening tours.

The evening tours could include visits to:
  • Palermo Royal Palace and Palatine Chapel
  • Palermo Cathedral
  • Church of San Giovanni degli Eremiti
  • Church of Santa Maria dell’Ammiraglio
  • Church of San Cataldo
  • Church of Magione

The Cathedral and town of Cefalù (and its beach!) have been chosen for the one-day excursion, which will take place on 29th of June 2018.

On the registration form you will be asked if you are interested in the one-day excursion

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Please, contact us if you have any questions.
We will be more than happy to answer.


Veronica Aniceti
PhD student in Zooarchaeology at the University of Sheffield (UK).
Her research project is focused on animal husbandry in Sicily during the medieval period (7th – 13th centuries AD).

Matteo Bormetti
MSc Osteoarchaelogy at the University of Sheffield (UK).
His research focuses on animal husbandry and waste disposal practices in Italy and Britain during the Iron Age.

Mauro Rizzetto
PhD student at the University of Sheffield (UK).
His research deals with the development of animal husbandry during the late Roman - early medieval transition in Britain and in the lower Rhineland, with particular regard to biometrical changes.